Hover Dolly

Compact, versatile, and lightweight dolly/track system.

ARRI Rental’s exclusive Hover Dolly is the size of a slider, but offers the versatility of a dolly. It is specifically designed to work with ARRI Rental Delta Track in its narrow configuration, for dolly moves from 50 cm up to any length required. High-quality, specially developed wheels hug the track from inside, above, and below, allowing safe, silent, and super-smooth camera movement whether under-slung, over-slung, horizontal, vertical, or any angle in between.

The high payload capability means it can also be used as a main unit dolly, saving time, money, and transportation. As well as supporting a full studio camera configuration, even in offset mode, the Hover Dolly’s compact size permits dolly moves in confined spaces, providing new freedom and flexibility on set.

Hover Dolly Features

  • Closes the gap between a slider and a full dolly.
  • No limit of track length with ARRI Rental Delta Track.
  • Can be vertical, horizontal, under-slung, over-slung, or used at any angle required. Streamlined when used in an upright position for ease of use in tight spaces. 
  • Compatible with all heads, whether centered or offset.
  • Includes Mitchell base and modular accessory mounts built into the dolly.
  • The multifunctional stabilizing sleeper is designed to absorb weight and keep the Delta Track parallel. Can be used with the multiblock for rigging purposes. Anti-slip rubber on the multiblock allows positioning on delicate surfaces.
  • Takes loads of up to 100 kg, accommodating any camera in any configuration.
Blackbird Fly

Blackbird Fly

Meister des Todes
Meister des Todes
Takeover /Voll Vertauscht
Takeover /Voll Vertauscht
Doch so Fern
Doch so Fern

Hover Dolly Video

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Hover Dolly camera-ready on Delta Track – over-slung

ARRI Rental Hover_Dolly_Website_72_1

Hover Dolly camera-ready on Delta Track – upright

ARRI Rental Hover_Dolly_Website_72_2

Hover Dolly with Mitchell Plate – over-slung

ARRI Rental Hover_Dolly_Website_72_3

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Technical data
Hover Dolly with Mitchell plate adapter only
480 mm
275 mm
160 mm
9 kg
Hover Dolly assembled on Delta Track – camera-ready in over-slung mode
Dependent on length of Delta Track used
390 mm
100 mm from the centre of the Mitchell plate to the floor