ARRI Rental launches exclusive HEROES collection at Camerimage with LOOK and T.ONE lenses



  • The HEROES collection is made up of unusual optics that are designed to supplement a main lens set.
  • LOOK lenses feature a LOOK dial that allows the optical performance and image characteristics to be adjusted on set, shot by shot.
  • T.ONE lenses are exceptionally fast at T1.0 and can be used at this stop without sacrificing image quality.

At the 2022 Camerimage Festival of Cinematography, ARRI Rental launched the latest offering from its in-house lens development program: the HEROES collection. The global rental company, which has a network of facilities across Europe, the US, and the UK, describes the HEROES as “eclectic lenses with optical superpowers.”

Comprising small sets of individually branded lenses, the HEROES collection is a diverse group of oddballs and misfits that don’t adhere to the established norms of cine optics. Filmmakers are encouraged by ARRI Rental to pick whichever HEROES best supplement their main lens series and use them for the quirkier visual requirements of their story.

Launching the HEROES collection are the T.ONE and LOOK lenses for large format, although ARRI Rental says that they will be joined by further HEROES as the lens program continues to evolve and expand.

The LOOK lenses attracted a lot of interest at Camerimage due to their unusual construction. Uniquely for prime lenses, they feature a third lens ring – the LOOK dial – that instantly and incrementally detunes the image, allowing the optical characteristics to be adjusted shot by shot, or even during a take. By simply rotating the LOOK dial, filmmakers can manually adjust the distortion of the lens and the intensity of its characteristic swirly bokeh.

ARRI Rental claims that the T.ONE lenses are the first cine optics to be truly useable at T1.0 without a noticeable drop in sharpness or contrast, allowing filmmakers to work at low light levels with minimal depth of field for a creamy, dream-like look and stunning bokeh. The breakthrough performance of these super-fast lenses was demonstrated at Camerimage with a short showreel that was shot entirely at T1.0.

Like the exclusive DNA lenses from ARRI Rental, the HEROES are equipped with an LDA chip that allows metadata about lens settings to be recorded with the image. This means that despite the quirky optical characteristics of the lenses, they can be used on modern, even VFX-heavy productions, without causing complications or delays in postproduction. A case in point for this strategy is the fact that the Amazon Studios series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” recently chose to use ARRI Rental DNA LF lenses, containing vintage glass, despite intense visual effects requirements and a state-of-the-art, cloud-based workflow.

The HEROES collection is still in its infancy and filmmakers interested in using LOOK or T.ONE lenses are encouraged to contact their local ARRI Rental branch to discuss specific focal lengths and availability.

About ARRI Rental:

ARRI Rental’s mission is to be instrumental in realizing the creative visions of international filmmakers and content producers by providing first-class camera, lighting, and grip equipment—and an unsurpassed level of service—to the feature film, television, advertising, and events markets. As part of the wider ARRI ecosystem, ARRI Rental is built on a bedrock of knowledge that dates back more than a century.

Operating through a network of rental facilities in North America and across Europe, ARRI Rental’s combined resources and expertise allow it to develop and roll out exclusive, proprietary technologies. These include the world’s only true 65 mm digital cinema camera system, ALEXA 65, as well as diverse and customizable lens options across all formats, among them the Prime DNA, DNA LF, ALFA, and Moviecam lens series.

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