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Analog film

Impeccably maintained 65 mm, 35 mm, and 16 mm film cameras.

The organic, tactile, and almost magical qualities of analog film still speak to many of today’s filmmakers. The rental side of ARRI’s business first started hiring out analog cameras a century ago, so the in-house expertise goes back generations.

Whether you want fast and furious 16 mm, versatile 35 mm, or majestic 65 mm, ARRI Rental has the inventory and knowledge to fully support your analog production.

Analog camera options

ARRICAM 35 mm modular system

  • ARRICAM Studio (ST) for super-quiet operation
  • ARRICAM Lite (LT) for compact size
  • Available with 2-perf, 3-perf or 4-perf movements
  • Pinnacle of 35 mm analog technology
  • Best and brightest optical viewfinders
  • Electronic mirror shutter
  • Extensive accessories and magazines
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MOVIECAM 35 mm modular system

  • Moviecam Compact for sync-sound shooting
  • Moviecam SL for lightweight operation
  • Compatible with ARRI accessories
  • Manually adjustable shutter
  • Perfect for budget-conscious productions
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ARRIFLEX 35 mm cameras


  • Compact and lightweight MOS camera
  • Ideal for handheld, action rigs and stabilizers
  • Available with 2-perf, 3-perf or 4-perf movements

ARRIFLEX 435 ES / Xtreme

  • Gold standard for MOS filming
  • Super-steady images up to 150 fps
  • Available with 3-perf or 4-perf movements


  • World’s most advanced analog 65 mm camera
  • Sync-sound, with frame rates of 2-100 fps
  • Iris-compensated speed ramps
  • Mechanically adjustable shutter
  • Bright optical viewfinder
  • Full range of ARRI/Zeiss prime lenses

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ARRIFLEX 16 mm cameras

ARRIFLEX 416 / Plus / Plus HS

  • Most sophisticated Super 16 cameras ever built
  • Up to 150 fps for slow motion
  • Electronic accessories and wireless control         

ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 / Advanced / High Speed

  • Integrated video tap and timecode
  • Up to 150 fps for slow motion
  • Great for low budgets and long schedules
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Cinematographer Ed Lachman ASC (“Carol”)

I think it’s great that ARRI Rental has the 416 and can support productions using older technologies, as well as the latest ones.