Specialist rigs

Customized solutions for vehicles, underwater, handheld, and more.

On almost every shoot, some kind of special grip rig will be required. Our grip technicians can advise on unusual requirements, offering flexible tools, bespoke setups, and whatever else you need to put the camera where you want it. 

Varied rigging options

Vehicle rigs
Underwater camera housings
Spiderman_Spain 2
Custom mounts and plates
Easyrig copy
3W1A1756-2 (1)
Sliders, U-Bangis, mounts, levellers, turntables

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Rina Yang (DP of episodes 8, 9 and 10) breaks down the lush cinematography of Netflix's London-set gang drama "Top Boy". In this interview, she discusses the look of the show, ALEXA LF, DNA lenses, and more.


Shooting "Terminator: Dark Fate"

DP Ken Seng speaks about capturing the latest Terminator film with ARRI ALEXA LF cameras and a lens package combining anamorphics with ARRI Rental DNA optics.


Exclusive BTS of "Joker" with Lawrence Sher ASC

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