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Historic sync-sound 65 mm film camera.

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Analog large format

In service for the last 30 years, the ARRIFLEX 765 combines the ergonomics of a 35 mm camera with the ultimate image quality of 65 mm film. Sync-sound and suitable for dialogue scenes, the 765 offers a speed range of 2-100 fps, a bright optical viewfinder, iris-compensated speed ramps, and a mechanically adjustable 180-degree mirror shutter.

The most reliable 65 mm film camera available today

Innovative design

When development of the ARRIFLEX 765 began in 1983, the brief was to create a 65 mm film camera that was as easy to use as ARRI's 35 mm models. Making the 765 quiet enough to be a true studio camera necessitated a completely new drive system. A new pull-down claw also had to be designed, to accommodate the bulky 65 mm film stock and to ensure reliable, maintenance-free operation.

All of these innovations mean that, more than three decades after its release, the 765 remains a practical option that can be integrated into modern sets. Most feature films that use the 765 do so not for the entire production, but for specific scenes that need to stand out for their exceptional image quality.  

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765 system features


Specially designed

ARRI/Zeiss Prime 765 lenses 

viewing system

Viewfinder module


2x magnifier

Heated eyepiece


1000' (300 m) and

500' (150 m) magazines

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6.6" x 6.6" swing-away matte box

with rotatable stages and

gear-driven frames

Selected ARRIFLEX 765 credits

No Time to Die

No Time to Die (2021)

John F Donovan

The Death & Life of John F. Donovan (2018)

Sunset Song

Sunset Song (2015)


Gravity (2013)

The International

The International (2009)


Sunshine (2007)


Hamlet (1996)

Little Buddha

Little Buddha (1993)

Far and Away

Far and Away (1992)

Modern electronics

The ARRIFLEX 765 features an advanced electronic control system. Movement, magazine, and shutter functions are individually controlled by dedicated motors. Together, these functions are monitored by a powerful microprocessor: the camera main controller (CMC). This system guarantees both exceptional shutter timing and a run-up speed of under one second. The CMC also governs all indicators, sensors, and warning systems, providing users with more precise information, faster and better than ever before in a 65 mm camera.

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In your own words

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Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro ASC, AIC ("Little Buddha")

The ARRI 765 cameras are somewhat larger than their 35 mm counterparts, but they impose no limitations...we didn't make any changes in lighting, camera movement, or composition.


Cinematographer Michael McDonough ASC (“Sunset Song”)

65 mm film was the perfect medium to capture the magnificence of the landscapes.

Academy Award

In 1993, Arnold & Richter, chief designer Otto Blaschek, and the Engineering Department of ARRI Austria received a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the ARRIFLEX 765.

Academy Award

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Want to learn more about the 765?
Technical data
Camera type
5-perforation 65 mm format analog film camera
Sound level
<25 dBA at 24 fps / 28.5 dBA at 30 fps
Image aperture
52.5 x 23.0 mm image area (2.07 x 0.91")
Ground glass / projection area
48.5 x 22.0 mm (1.91 x 0.87")
Aspect ratio 2.2:1
Length: 570 mm | 22.4"
Width: 370 mm | 14.6"
Height: 400 mm | 15.7
(with 500' mag and no lens)
32 kg / 70 lb
(with loaded 500' mag and no lens)
Lens mount
64 mm ARRI Maxi PL mount
Adjustable reflex mirror shutter
180º, 172.8º, 144º presets
180º - 15º adjustable in 15º steps
Frame rates
12, 15, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 60, 75, 100 fps
24 fps in reverse
2 - 100 fps crystal-controlled with remote control unit
Viewfinder magnification
4x actual size
8x actual size with 2x image magnifier
Picture steadiness
0.1% of frame height at all filming speeds
Dual 3-claw pulldown
Dual pin registration
Camera LCD display
Unexposed film count, shutter angle, exposed film count, camera running speed, standby message, error message
Magazine LCD display
Unexposed film count
Warning displays
Asynchronous running, low battery, film end, film jam, running lamp
External connections IN
24 V camera power
Remote control / variable speed
External sync
Time code
Diagnosis unit
Shutter control
External connections OUT
2 x 24 V accessory connectors (1 switched, 1 unswitched)
Heated eyepiece
Video out
Temperature range
-4ºF - +122ºF (-20ºC - +50ºC)
Flange focal depth
73.5 mm
Power requirements
24 V / 7 Ah
24 V / 14 Ah frame rates over 60 fps
Run-up time
0.8 seconds at 24 fps
2.5 seconds at 100 fps
Contrast filter & diopters
ND 0.6 integrated
+/-3 diopters
Video prism
80/20 or 50/50 versions on request
Camera base
Integrated quick release