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A full range from the leading manufacturers, plus exclusive offerings.

Shooting from a dolly and track is the classical approach to camera movement, and despite all the modern advancements in grip technology, tracking shots are still a vital storytelling tool.

Whether you need a hydraulic, column, or flatbed dolly, we stock the industry's most relied-upon models, as well as our exclusive Hover Dolly and Delta Track, available at ARRI Rental facilities in Europe and the UK. Our wide selection of straight and curved dolly track covers every need.

Dolly options

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Column dollies

Movietech, Panther, GFM, Elemack, and more

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Hydraulic dollies

Chapman Hybrid, Hustler, PeeWee, Fisher 10 and 11, and more

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Flatbed dollies

Western, skateboard, doorway, suitcase, and more

Exclusive Hover Dolly

Available with Delta Track from ARRI Rental in Europe and the UK

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Irishman-ARRI Rental-Rodrigo Prieto-ALEXA-camera-cinematography-VFX rig-de-aging-Martin Scorsese-1 (1)

Rodrigo Prieto ASC, AMC on shooting "The Irishman"

Cinematographer Prieto teams with director Martin Scorsese for the critically acclaimed epic saga about organized crime from Netflix, using analog and digital cameras supplied by ARRI Rental.


Rina Yang discusses the cinematography of "Top Boy"

Rina Yang (DP of episodes 8, 9 and 10) breaks down the lush cinematography of Netflix's London-set gang drama "Top Boy". In this interview, she discusses the look of the show, ALEXA LF, DNA lenses, and more.


Shooting "Terminator: Dark Fate"

DP Ken Seng speaks about capturing the latest Terminator film with ARRI ALEXA LF cameras and a lens package combining anamorphics with ARRI Rental DNA optics.