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Remote heads

Three-axis, two-axis, and stabilized remote heads.

Whether on a dolly and jib, a crane, or a vehicle, remote heads offer the same manual, skill-based operator control as traditional heads, but remotely and with the option of greatly increased stability. 

Remote head options


SpaceCam M7 EVO, ARRI SRH-3, Scorpio, Flight Head, Alpha Head, TechnoheadS


Scorpio II, Mega Mount III, Panther Trixy, Pee-Pod, Mo-Sys

Motion control


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Shooting "Emma." in large format

Cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt talks to ARRI Rental about using ALEXA LF and Signature Primes for Autumn de Wilde's Jane Austen adaptation.

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Best of cinematographer interviews

A compilation of video interviews ARRI Rental has conducted with cinematographers we've worked with over the last few months.

Avenue 5 behind the scenes Eben Bolter ALEXA Mini ARRI Rental_1 (1)

Eben Bolter BSC shoots space comedy for Armando Iannucci

HBO's "Avenue 5" is a new series from British comedy legend Iannucci, shot by Bolter with a multi-camera package of ALEXA Minis and Leica Summicron lenses provided by ARRI Rental.