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Vibrant large-format anamorphics.

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A carefully detuned look

ARRI Rental ALFA is a series of LPL-mounted anamorphic lenses for large format. Like the DNA lenses, they evolved out of artistic collaborations with filmmakers looking for new ways to tell stories and convey emotions, delivering a vibrant and subtly detuned anamorphic look.

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Enhanced bokeh

The original idea behind ALFA lenses emerged from ARRI Rental's longstanding relationship with cinematographer Greig Fraser ACS, ASC, who was also a key collaborator on the DNA lens program. In response to Fraser's request for fresh large-format anamorphic options, ARRI Rental technicians modified sets of ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses, not just adapting them to cover the larger format, but redesigning and detuning them in pursuit of specific image attributes.

Further prototyping took place in collaboration with cinematographer Nikolaus Summerer, another old friend of ARRI Rental's. After extensive R&D, the specifications for a production series of ALFA lenses were defined. The robust, purpose-designed housings still contain some Master Anamorphic glass, but accompanied by other bespoke optical elements and modifications that combine to create a look that is entirely new.

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Minimal distortion

ALFA London showreel

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ARRI Rental ALFA range

32 / 40 / 47 / 60 / 72 / 90 / 108 / 145 / 190 mm

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Overall, the ALFAs have a softer, more textured feel than Master Anamorphics, while still rendering all of the detail inherent to the larger format. Out-of-focus areas are more characterful and deconstructed, with enhanced edge fall-off contributing to the stunning bokeh. Point source highlights are livelier, with slightly more conspicuous halation.  

The bigger digital negative of large format serves to accentuate the emotive image characteristics of a 2x anamorphic squeeze. In short, the anamorphic look is more pronounced, and with it, the cinematic feel. In this sense, anamorphic large format should be considered a new format - one that can make a bold and exciting contribution to visual storytelling.

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No focus breathing

ALFA lenses were conceived and constructed by ARRI Rental's global lens development team, which was also responsible for the company's highly successful DNA lenses for full-frame and 65 mm cinematography.

Like DNA lenses, the ALFAs show ARRI Rental to be at the forefront of responsive, collaborative lens design for the film and television industry. Creative partnerships with the world's leading filmmakers continue to result in groundbreaking optics that facilitate emotionally-driven artistic expression and immersive audience experiences.

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Technical data

ALFA 32 mm

ALFA 40 mm

ALFA 47 mm

ALFA 60 mm

Lens mount








T2.5 - T22

T2.5 - T22

T2.5 - T22

T2.5 - T22

Close focus

68.6 cm / 2' 3"

76.2 cm / 2' 6"

73.7 cm / 2' 5"

76.2 cm / 2' 6"

Front diameter

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

Weight (lens only)

2.5 kg / 5.5 lb

2.5 kg / 5.5 lb

2.6 kg / 5.7 lb

2.7 kg / 6 lb

* LDM-2 chip carries LDA metadata and is compatible with LDS-2


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