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Comprising small sets of individually branded lenses, the HEROES collection is a wildly diverse group of oddballs and misfits that don't adhere to the established norms of cine optics. Pick whichever HEROES best supplement your main lens series and use them for the quirkier visual requirements of your story.

Special lenses for special moments

The first HEROES

Launching the HEROES collection are the T.ONE and LOOK large-format lenses, though they will be joined by further HEROES as the ARRI Rental lens development program continues to evolve and expand.

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LOOK lenses

Dial in your detuned look, shot by shot.

Unique prime lens construction with a third lens ring that instantly and incrementally detunes the image, allowing the optical characteristics to be adjusted shot by shot, or even during a take.

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Adjust the swirl of your bokeh

T.ONE lenses

A T1 stop you'll actually use. And love.

The first cine lenses to be truly useable at T1 with no drop in image quality, allowing you to work at low light levels with minimal depth of field for a creamy, dream-like look and stunning bokeh.

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Still sharp and contrasty at T1? Check.

T.ONE showreel: Chess

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