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Legendary vintage lenses, newly engineered.

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1980s resurrection

ARRI Rental Moviecam lenses combine vintage optics and a cinematic backstory with modern, high-performance lens housings. Respectfully updating a 1980s design from the legendary Moviecam brand, they are impressively compact and lightweight for large-format lenses, offering a characterful but consistent look.

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Smooth focus fall-off

Moviecam lenses were first produced in the 1980s, using extremely high-quality donor glass dating from the 1970s. When ARRI took over Moviecam in the 1990s, camera technology was its main focus, but a quite different benefit has been pursued in the 2020s by ARRI Rental: the Moviecam lenses.

Recognizing the appeal of these scarce vintage optics to digital filmmakers seeking a special look, ARRI Rental followed the original Moviecam design and built the same 1970s glass into robust lens housings with modern features, ready for a new life on large-format productions.

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Creative flares, easily controlled

Moviecam mountain showreel

Moviecam Mountain

ARRI Rental Moviecam T1.5 - T2.8

16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 35 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 85 / 100 / 135 mm

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Built-in lens data

Equipped with lens metadata chips for efficient workflows on set and in post, the housings are manufactured in-house at ARRI Rental, incorporating all of the lens development team's experience creating and customizing diverse optics for clients. Highly uniform in size and lens ring placement, the Moviecams are as fast and easy to work with as any other modern cine lens series. 

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In terms of look, the Moviecams sit somewhere between the Canon K-35 and DNA LF vintage lens series offered by ARRI Rental, thereby widening creative options for large-format filmmakers. Despite their significant resolving power, the Moviecams retain a gentle and natural feel, with attractive focus fall-off. Flare handling is interesting and characterful, but not over-lively or troublesome to control. 

Aside from the 100 mm and 135 mm at T2.8, all of the lenses are T2, though the 60 mm goes a stop further to T1.5 for low-light situations and bokeh-enriched portraits. Optical performance is consistent throughout the range, making it a great choice for cinematographers who want a vintage aesthetic but also complete freedom to explore all focal lengths without creating work for themselves in post.

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