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Prime DNA

Technology born of relationships.

DNA is an innovative and influential concept in lens development, pioneered by ARRI Rental in collaboration with visually ambitious cinematographers. Sourcing vintage optics from different historical periods, we embrace unusual image attributes that arouse an emotional response.

Selected optics are rehoused into modern lens casings, with the manufacturing carried out in-house at ARRI Rental. Each lens has its own personality, often customized for individual filmmakers, allowing stories to be told with a new visual boldness. Having evolved over several years, the Prime DNA series for 65 mm provides an exciting and characterful complement to the ALEXA 65 camera.

2017 12-20 ARRI Rental - Prime DNA Lenses Group_whited

Crafted through collaboration

The origins of DNA lie in the artistic drive of cinematographers who were early adopters of our exclusive ALEXA 65 camera. They all played a part in shaping the DNA concept and harnessing its creative possibilities; the DNA in the lenses is theirs.

Bob Richardson_C_L

Cinematographer Robert Richardson ASC ("Breathe")

There were moments of magic in the search that led us to decide upon a path together - meaning ARRI Rental and myself.


Cinematographer Bradford Young ASC ("Solo")

DNA glass is a revelation and revolution in my journey to anchor my artistic residue into a particular story... no other glass has afforded me this opportunity.


Cinematographer Dante Spinotti ASC, AIC ("Ant-Man and the Wasp")

I was asked how I felt about the DNA lenses...what the feeling of the fall-off and everything else was, and I said I'd compare it to a beautiful bottle of wine, so soft and smooth.


Cinematographer Greig Fraser ASC, ACS ("Mary Magdalene")

Working closely with ARRI Rental we were able to develop lenses that had the right look and feel for the film...so we had a really nice and rounded mix of glass.


Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel ASC ("Bohemian Rhapsody")

Each DNA lens has its own personality. We aimed to create a film that wasn't perfect technically, but had an organic, handmade quality.

DNA credits

Image_Credits_Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Image_Credits_3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem


Tracker (Season 1)



Technical data

Prime DNA
28 mm
Prime DNA
35 mm
Prime DNA
36 mm
Prime DNA
45 mm

Lens mount








T2.8 - T22

T2.3 - T22

T2 - T22

T2.3 - T22

Close focus 

45 cm / 18"

45 cm / 18"

33 cm / 13"

45 cm / 18"

Front diameter

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

114 mm / 4.49"

Weight (lens only)

1.35 kg / 2.98 lb

1.53 kg / 3.37 lb

2.5 kg / 5.51 lb

1.43 kg / 3.15 lb

* LDM-2 chip carries LDA metadata and is compatible with LDS-2


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