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Cinematographer Charlotte Hornsby goes behind the scenes on “Master"

Captured with the ALEXA Mini and Master Anamorphic lenses, DP Charlotte Hornsby reveals how she created suspense for Amazon’s horror film.


ARRI Rental HEXATRON crane vehicle on "Dune"

Key grip Tommaso Mele and ARRI Rental grip technician Zolt Teszáry achieve dramatic HEXATRON crane shots in the Jordanian desert for Denis Villeneuve's new sci-fi movie.


Behind the scenes with DP Lowell Meyer on “Topside"

Lowell Meyer shares how shooting on the ALEXA Mini in NYC’s underground paved the film’s look.


New ALFA large-format anamorphic lenses

ARRI Rental ALFA anamorphic lenses for large format offer a carefully detuned look, developed in collaboration with leading filmmakers.


Vintage Moviecam lenses, newly engineered

ARRI Rental Moviecam spherical lenses for large format revive these legendary but scarce vintage optics, making them widely available and improving the design.

We are ARRI Rental

Our goal is to equip you with the most inspiring image technology in the world. We are unique in terms of the exclusive products we have developed, and our resources. As part of the wider ARRI ecosystem, we are built on a bedrock of knowledge that dates back more than a century.

Through a network of facilities in North America, Europe, and the UK, our service crosses borders and continents, bringing you first-class camera, lighting and grip equipment, wherever you may be. We aim for warm welcomes, friendly expertise, personalized solutions, and relationships built on trust.

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Director/cinematographer Alfonso Cuarón

ARRI (Rental) from the moment that we talked to them...they became one of our strongest allies in moving forward with the project.

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Cinematographer Stuart Dryburgh ASC

I've worked with ARRI Rental a lot...I'm always made very welcome and always well supported.


Cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra

Most if not all of the films I've done have been with ARRI Rental; they've been so supportive of my work, both logistically and creatively.

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Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel ASC

We designed a reverse optics lens for one sequence, which worked stunningly well. I can't say a bad word about the ARRI Rental team.


Cinematographer Richard Rutkowski ASC

The people at ARRI Rental are as dedicated as filmmakers...they think about things in the creative sense, not just the financial sense.





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Umbrella Academy (Season 3)








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